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Frameline 2022: 10 films you should catch at SF’s big LGBTQ film festival

El Houb – The Love”: In yet another impressive film that dares to take a hard look at a societal view that drags down LGBTQ representation, first-time director Shariff Nasr plumbs the senseless hatred aimed at a gay Muslim man whose family can’t fathom nor accept his sexuality. Both funny and devastating in equal measures, it finds successful Moroccan-Dutch businessman Karim (an electrifying Fahd Larhzaoui) stowing himself away once his father comes to his apartment and is greeted with an attractive, semi-clothed lover (Emmanuel Ohene Boafo) answering the door. Nasr’s “El Houb – The Love ” takes no prisoners as exposes the festering hate swirling inside a “picture-perfect” family. It receives a world premier. Screening: 8:31 p.m. June 20, the Castro.